Thermal flight

Usually we take off approximately 11.00 to 14.00 o'clock (depending on the weather), as thermals are strongest then. We fly in thermal updrafts (warm rising air) and win generally additional height.

  • Duration
    20-45 minutes
  • Height difference
    600 - 900 meters. By flying in the thermal updraft we get generally higher then the take-off place and win additional height.
  • Price
    Fr. 250.-- or 250.-- Euros, to be paid before the flight (in cash!). Funicular or bus to get on the mountain is not included. Ask in your Hotel for a Ticket - may be they have a free one for you.
  • Location
    Frutigen / Adelboden / Kandersteg
  • Season
    March through August only.

In case the passenger decides to end the flight early, no reimursement is possible. If the flight cannot be extended to 20 minutes (or more) due to lack of thermal activity, Fr. 80.- will be reimbursed.

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Get in touch with us by Phone or E-Mail  1-2 days in advance.

Phone: +41796309893, Call, SMS or Watsapp
E-Mail: infocloud-7ch (is only read the morning until 08.00 am once a day)